3 Killer Facebook Engagement Strategies

3 Killer Facebook Engagement Strategies

Want to know my 3 killer Facebook engagement strategies that I use every day, to fully engage your fans so they hang on your every word, liking, commenting and sharing religiously?!

Well what you need realize is, that posting random updates on your Fan Page about your business will not get you the engagement you were hoping for.  Far from it!! Your fans will only engage with posts they like and can relate to, so don’t bore them with links to your company bio or product page.

I have decided to let you in on 3 killer Facebook engagement strategies that I use every day, so listen up!


Strategy 1 – Always use an image

This may sound a little over the top, but Facebook is becoming a more visual platform.  Photos have a higher edgerank than a text or link update, which means your photo will be shown to more of your fans and stay around in their newsfeed longer.

Make sure you have permission to use any photo you intend to use and keep it relevant to your Fan Page.


Strategy 2 – Ask questions

One of the best ways to increase engagement on your Fan page is to ask a simple question.  Try tap into the emotion of your audience, for example, fans of a sports nutrition company will have strong emotional views on the sports they peruse, so asking a question such as ‘How did first get into the sport you love?” encourages them to talk about a passion of theirs.

There is an art to crafting the perfect question, you should always think from your fans perspective and ask, “What is the reward for sharing my experience?” this is what your fans will be thinking, so ensure the answer only requires a couple of words or yes/no.


Strategy 3 – Ask for the like


It’ amazing how a simple call-to-action can dramatically increase engagement.   A quick test from Wildfire showed a 200% increase in engagement when they included the words “CLICK LIKE if you love the tool”.  So ask your audience to ‘hit like if they agree’, you will be surprised at the increase in engagement.


I hope these 3 killer Facebook engagement strategies help improve the engagement on your Fan Page.  Link me to your Fan Page in the comments below and I will happily give you a 30 second Fan Page review!