4 Ways to Make Your Twitter Header Rock!

4 Ways to Make Your Twitter Header Rock!

Did you know Twitter have released a new set of design updates that enable you to create a personalized Twitter header, just like your Facebook cover image!  This is an exciting new step from Twitter to make their experience more visual and memorable.

I only discovered this last night, so I wanted to make sure you’re all ‘in the know’ about this cool new Twitter header update.  There are already some pretty inspiring creations around, so here are 4 ways to make your Twitter header rock!


Number 1

Make sure you have an image of the correct dimensions, the recommended size is a maximum of 1252 x 626 pixels (max file size 5mb) but anything 640 pixels wide will appear just fine.  Anything lower than 640 pixels wide and you will see a drop in quality.

The new header is horizontal, like your Facebook cover image, so please bear this in mind when selecting an image.  I will come onto what sort of image you should use next!


Number 2

Selecting the right image is critical.   At the moment, you are unable to change the colour of your user name and bio text so anything with a light background will make your text difficult to read.

Using a busy image with text is a big no-no because again it will detract from your text and basically make your header look way to complicated!

Here’s a bad example…


Here’s my Twitter header.  You can see the text is easy to read, but maybe the background image could be simpler.  I’m quite happy with this image at the moment but when my graphic designer get hold of this space, something a little more interesting will be created!

Number 3

Twitter have also updated their mobile app to cater for the new header but the design does no look the same on all devices.  If you wanted to get creative and incorporate your display image into your header image then there will be some discrepancies on mobile devise.

Check out the example below.

Number 4

Get creative!! Here’s some screen shot of various accounts that have blended their profile image with their header, to achieve a visually pleasing effect!