6 Steps To Social Media Success

6 Steps To Social Media Success

It’s important to approach social media and indeed any form of marketing with a proper defined strategy.  This is why I’ve put together the 6 Steps to Social Media Success.   If you have been using social media for your brand or business but just feel like you’re treading water and havn’t seen the magical riches you may have heard about, then my 6 Steps to Social Media Success will give you the focus and strategy that you need to WIN BIG!

This post will give you an outline for each of the 6 Steps to Social Media Success, I will then write a post on each of the 6 steps that will be uploaded to my blog over the course of this week and next.  So please stick with me on this, I have a ton of great content to share with you.

6 Steps to Social Media Success

1.  Set Goals

Setting clear goals/objectives is one of the most important activities when approaching any form of marketing; otherwise you will have no way of measuring the success of your campaign.   Measurement and campaign optimisation are essential processes that will help determine your return on investment (ROI).

2.  Listen
Listening to any conversations online about your brand or business is another key part of social media success.    You need to find out where your customers are talking and what topics/issues interest them the most.

3.  Launch

Once you have found where you customers are, you can then launch your social media campaign.  Offer valuable content and offers that your audience would appreciate to help build the foundations of a trusting relationship.

4. Manage

This is the process of keeping all of your accounts up-to-date and making sure you reposed to all comments and conversation quickly.  Consistency in your posting schedule and what you say about your brand is extremely important.  Poor management = Poor results.

5.  Optimize 

Once you have ran your campaign for a set period of time, usually at least 1 month depending on the size of your audience, you need to look back on your results and optimize your campaign.  This involves analysing what content get’s shared the most and the times when your audience is most active.

6.  Evaluation

Comparing your results against your campaign goals will help you determine weather you have been successful or if something needs changing.  You will need to bring data together across all platforms including, Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and your website to get a wider picture of the activity around your brand.


This is a taster of what I will be diving into with more details very shortly!  I hope you’re excited to carry on reading my blog series!

Click here for Step 1 – Set Goals 

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Click here for Step 1 – Set Goals