7 Things Your Need to Stop Doing on Facebook Right Now

7 Things You Need to Stop Doing on Facebook Right Now

If you’re like me then you’ve got “those” friends on Facebook that don’t quite understand what sort of behaviour is acceptable!

Facebook has over 1 billion users but with such a vast number of people all on one network there is always going to be those shady characters that tap into Facebook virality to pedel their worthless make money online offer or affiliate links.

I have highlighted 7 activities that are not welcome on Facebook.  If for some bizarre reason you do find yourself doing any of these.  Make sure you have a friend with you so they can slap you in the face.

1.  Cross-posting from Twitter

Yes we basically post the same content on Facebook Google+ and Twitter but please make it look like you’ve put some effort in.  If you’re short on content auto-posting from Twitter is not the answer.  Your posts will get minimal interaction.  Facebook see’s all posts from 3rd parties irrelevant.  Never-mind the hashtags and @mentions.  It makes me cringe every-time  I see this Facebook crime.

2.  Liking your own posts

So your post isn’t getting much attention.  Might as well like your own post, right?  WRONG.  This can look like your desperate for likes….not exactly a desirable trait you want to be showcasing to your friends and prospective customers.  People already know you like the post because you’ve just posted it!

3.  Inviting me to Farmville (or any other app)

This needs to stop.  I’m not sure what the obsession is with Farmville or Texas Hold’em but they’re not for me or the vast majority of sane individuals.  Please keep your strange time-wasting obsession to yourself.

4.  Tagging people in random photos

Awesome, you’ve tagged me in a photo of some fluorescent shoes.  I’m obviously going to go buy them right now!  I have countless other examples that are equally as ridiculous!  if the photo was related to me in some way or appealed to my interests then maybe I wouldn’t mind.  But flashing, glow in the dark trainers.  No thanks.  Only tag people in photos if it’s either a photo of them or the content appeals to their interests and you actually know the person.

5.  Suggesting friends

I’ve gone through life making good friends.  I don’t need your suggestions on who you think I should be friends with.  It’s a little creepy if I’m honest.  Spammers have been know to team up and use this feature to essentially get you to make the first move and add them as a friend.

6.  Sending ramdom promotional messages

It’s 11pm and I get a message from an obviously fake profile with an attractive woman as their display photo.  ”Hey, we’ve got a special offer for you tonight at our club.  Do you want me to put you on the guestlist?”  Erm no thanks.  For these sorts of messages to be effective there needs to be some sort of prior relationship.  Otherwise you just come across as a needy promoter.

7.  Adding people to random groups

This is a big no-no.  Adding me to a group without my permission is bad enough.  But if you’ve invited me to a completely irrelevant group usually of a promotional nature then I’m not going to be best pleased.  It’s only your friends on Facebook that can invite you to a group.  So you need to really question the intention of some of your Facebook friends when they’re inviting you to junk groups.


That’s it! Please refrain from committing any of these Facebook sins.  You will gain the respect and trust of others who feel the same way as me.