Blueprint for the Perfect LinkedIn Status Update

Blueprint for the Perfect LinkedIn Status Update

 So you’ve got a LinkedIn account and you’re happily connecting away with colleagues, associates and friends but have you ever paid much attention to the status update?

I alway make sure I post an update whenever I have new content to share with my audience, but many of my connection NEVER post a status update.  If you really want to get more out of LinkedIn, rather than using it as an online contact list, you need to take advantage of all the features the platform has to offer.  This includes the humble status update.

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Make sure you craft the perfect LinkedIn status update by following the blueprint below.  Include the following to increase the exposure and interaction of your post:

  • Use a catchy headline  or question to grab peoples attention
  • Tailor your update to your LinkedIn audience (this may differ to Facebook)
  • Include a call-to-action
  • Attach a photo
  • Edit your link description – keep things simple and reduce the clutter
  • Target your post if you feel you need to narrow down your audience

This is a great little bonus tip I use whenever I post an update to LinkedIn.  Follow these steps:

  1. Post an update
  2. Hit the share button (on your post)
  3. Tick ‘Post to groups’
  4. Un-tick ‘Post to updates’
  5. Enter subject line
  6. Enter detail (usually the same details as your original post)
  7. In the ‘Groups’ box, start typing in the relevant groups you would like to post your content in
There you have it!! This little trick will expose your content to a TON more people.  Do this with every post and watch the reaction you get.  Please remember to only post relevant content to the groups you are targeting.