Breaking News – Facebook Destroys Old Guidelines

Breaking News – Facebook Destroys Old Guidelines

Facebook has made a change to their guidelines that you marketers are going to absolutely love.

When I first heard the news I quickly sprung up out of my chair screaming FINALLLLLY!!

Let’s take things back to March last year.

The new Facebook Timeline was released and I (and many other marketers) was more than a little frustrated.

If you can recall the  long-lost, ancient, Facebook Landing tabs, we could add arrows, Facebook logos and calls-to-action.  But the Timeline update came along and burst our bubble.

Marketers worldwide were fuming!

So as of yesterday (according to when the Social Bakers post was posted) Facebook have destroyed their old guidelines concerning it’s Cover Image policy.

From Now On Your Cover Image Can Include:

  • Call to actions such as “get it now” or “tell your friends”
  • Price or purchase information such as “40% off” or “Download it here”
  • Contact information such as your website address, email or telephone number
  • References to Facebook features or actions such as “Like” and “Share” or any arrow pointing to the features

But I will warn you.

There is one limitation.

You are only permitted to use 20% of your cover image for text.

Now you may think you could probably get away with adding more.

Not on Zuckerberg’s watch.

Facebook are developing grid-based text overlay detection tool that should identify non-compliant images.

So there you have it.  I can imagine your graphic designer will be getting it in the ear right about now!

Link me up to your cover image in the comments below.  I’d love to see how creative you’re getting with your cover images.