Buy Pre-Owned Phones

Buy a second hand phone today

Buy cheap second hand mobile phones from the UK. Creation recommends buying reconditioned smart phones as a cheaper way of getting the latest devices for a cheaper price.

A reconditioned phone allows you to have all the benefits of a brand new mobile but with a far less frightening price tag. Mobile technicians will be able to restore the device to full working condition before going on sale. Click here to see the best accessories for iPhones.

Most second hand mobile phones have a 90 day money back guarantee and 12 month warranty. But this may depend on the company and we suggest always checking before purchasing.

What are the benefits of buying a refurbished phone?

Did you know that buying a refurbished phone is good for the environment?

Every year, millions of phones, computers and camera form electronic waste. These have the potential to release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

Buying a used phone means a new device isn’t being put into the circulation of electronic waste. Contact Creation for more information.

We recommend purchasing your used device from a manufacturer or from a company that actually has the skills to be able to completely refurbish a phone to full working conditions.

Check their credentials, for example Square Repair is an iTechnician Approved Repair Centre, giving them much more authority and trustworthiness compared to somebody who isn’t.

Square Repair has used iPhones available to purchase for as little as £169. Buy yours here.