Does Facebook Drive Sales?


Does Facebook Drive Sales?

This question that many businesses, especially online retailers are asking….Does Facebook Drive Sales?

If you’ve been following the world of social media for any length of time, you will be aware of the constant battle between social media marketers and old school, traditional marketers, regarding the answer to this hotly debated question.  I’m not going to cover any old ground here, but Facebook it seems, have thought about this question and proposed a solution.

Meet Facebook’s new conversation tracking tool

Here’s how it works: Under Ads Manager, marketers can find a unique snippet of code to add to the pages on their websites —  ideally this would be a thanks you page for your newsletter, or an order completion page. Every time someone who clicks over from a Facebook ad lands on one of those pages, it registers as a “conversion” in the Ads Manager console.

This technique of conversion tracking isn’t new, Google Analytics have has this option for some time now, but it’s exciting to see Facebook integrating it into their Ad Management platform as I’m sure many businesses may not know how to set up conversion tracking in Google.

Up until now, we have only been able to see limited data from our Facebook ads such as clicks, reach and impressions.  But now we can actually correlate these clicks with conversions on your site.

The tool is currently in “extended beta” and will launch officially at the end of the month, a spokesperson said. It will help marketers determine if Facebook ads deliver better conversions for the cost than paid search and other forms of trackable online advertising.

Will you use this tool with your Facebook Ads campaign when it’s available? Do you already track conversion with Google Analytics? Let me know in the comments below.

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