Employee Admit They Waste 38% Of Their Workday (Excluding breaks!)


Employees Admit They Waste 38% Of Their Workday (Excluding breaks!)

Did you know employees actually admit to wasting 3 our of every 8 hours at work, excluding scheduled lunch breaks!  That’s 38% of their day!  So much for productivity at work!

Nearly 50% of the participants in this study cite web surfing as the main distraction and 1 in 33 workers ONLY use Facebook at work!   Social media has alot to answer for in relation to productivity at work but many feel strongly about this subject, if Facebook were banned at work, 39% of 18-24 year olds would consider quitting!

So what are the reasons why people waste so much precious time at work?  Well, 23.4% of workers feel underpaid, 33.2% feel there is a lack of work and surprisingly only 14.7% were distracted by a college!

This productivity at work infographic has been an eye opener for me, please scroll down to find out how much Fantasy Football costs employers (hint, it’s in the billions!)

If you want to see the effect of social media distractions at work, I have a related productivity at work infographic on my blog.

Have you caught yourself aimlessly trawling Facebook and actually realised how much time you flush down the toilet every week? has your boss even noticed? Let me know if the comments below.

Thanks to Compliance & Safety for the productivity at work infographic.