Ever Imagined a World Without Internet?

Ever Imagined a World Without Internet?

With the addition of new internet privacy laws such as ACTA being introduced, the end of the internet could be a lot closer than you might think.

Imagine having to resort to a weighty $1,200 Encyclopedia Brittanica instead of quick search on Wikipedia, or to send a tweet, you would have to write a letter and post it!

These are 2 scenarios that we would prefer not to imagine in a world without internet, today we can perform these tasks almost immediately.

We have the internet to thank for the creation of countless jobs, Facebook alone has created 450,000 jobs, and the Internet establishes 2.6 jobs for every job it renders obsolete!

I wouldn’t be here now in the this professional, writing this blog post if it wasn’t for the internet!

How would your life transform if we lived in a world without internet? Let me know in the comments.