Facebook Offers for Fan Pages Finally Here!

Coupon Offers on Facebook Finally Here

After starting up my laptop this morning I checked a handful of Fan Pages I’m admin on and immediately noticed the addition of coupon offers on Facebook!  Strangely enough only ONE of my Fan Pages had this feature.  I must be one of the lucky ones, Coupon offers on Facebook are still in the Beta testing phase.

This has got me super excited!! I have been reading about the roll out of coupon offers on Facebook for some time now, and after the beta release on Fan Pages in the US, I was keen to try this feature out on my pages, especially for local businesses.

This is what Facebook had to say about their new offers feature….

“Now, you can get discounts from businesses when they post an offer on their Facebook Page. To claim an offer, all you need to do is click Get Offer from the story anywhere you see it on Facebook.

You’ll start to see offers by Pages you like in your news feed. After you click Get Offer, Facebook will send you an email that you can print off or show on your mobile phone at the business to redeem your discount.

To make sure your offer is claimed and shared, you should carefully consider its value, headline and the image you use. If people don’t understand your offer or think it looks like spam, they might hide it from their news feeds, mark it as spam or unlike your Page. 

Track how many people claim, like, share, comment and bring each offer into your business so you get a better understanding of what works and doesn’t work for your customers.”

Below is a screen shot of the coupon offers on Facebook, let me explain the features for you…..

Thumbnail – Your thumbnail image needs to be 90X90 px and recommend using a photo of your offer, product or people.  These will typically receive higher engagement then your company logo.

Headline – The headline for you offer is extremely important, keep it short, catchy and to the point, you only have 90 characters.  The purpose of your headline is to attract attention and get across what your offer is about.  Stay away from anything that sounds spammy, try different variations of your headline to get an idea of what works best.

Date – Make sure your set your expiration date to at least 4/5 days to give your audience time to react and share your offer.

Unlimited – You have the option to set the amount of deals you give away.  This could be used strategically to encourage people to act quickly.

Terms & Conditions – You have 900 characters to explain to the user the terms and conditions of your offer.  Items to include are redemption dates, restricted times etc.  Don’t require customers to perform unusual activities.