Would You Deactivate your Facebook for £200?

Would You Deactivate your Facebook for £200?

How many times do you check your Facebook every day? Do you suffer from FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out? Can you go 1 day without scrolling the newsfeed and updating your status? 

Facebook addiction is no joke, it is one of the top ranked digital addictions according to a trending company.  The keyword ‘Interent Facebook addiction’ has been mentioned over 120 million mentions across the internet.

One father has taken matters into his own hands to help his 14 year old daughter go ‘cold turkey’ without Facebook for 5 months.  He drew up a contract (below) with his daughter that promised a financial reward if she stuck to the contract which detailed that if she remains Facebook-free from Feb. 4 to June 26, 2013, her father will pay her a total of £200.  She’s given her father the password to her account, so he can also change her password and deactivate it so there will be no cheating!


My question is ….. would you deactivate your Facebook account for a financial reward?   Let me know in the comments below how much you would need to be paid and the length of time you would be prepared to resist the charm Facebook.

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